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South China Auto Parts Testing Centre to be located in Foshan


Recently, from the 2005 China (Foshan) International Auto Parts Fair press conference was informed that, as the China (Foshan) International Auto Parts Fair held from October 20 to 22 this year, "supporting projects", the China Machinery Industry Association will be established in Foshan, South China auto parts testing centre.

Chancheng District Mayor Lin Bangyan said, Foshan has reached an agreement with the China Machinery Industry Association, China Machinery Association will be established in Foshan, South China auto parts certification centre, after all the auto parts manufacturers in South China as long as the product to the centre for testing, after certification can be produced, and do not have to be sent to Beijing for testing as before. He said that this year's Auto Expo choose with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Automobile Dealers Association and other co-organized, the purpose is to rely on the resources of these associations, to drive international and domestic auto parts procurement enterprises, production enterprises to Foshan, making Foshan Auto Expo become a veritable international parts procurement exhibition.

According to reports, Foshan currently has a total of 169 auto parts manufacturers, including 165 supporting production enterprises, the number of varieties of production up to a hundred, including the world's top 500 investment in parts and components enterprises have 11. At the same time, auto parts sales and operation enterprises amount to more than 350, the market brings together well-known domestic and foreign enterprises dealers and agents, more than 90% of the model parts in Foshan City can be found on the market.


The new Ginkob product is more adaptable than the retarder and will pay for itself much faster

Engine braking is increasingly recognised by drivers for its ability to significantly reduce wear and tear on the brakes and for its more reliable operation. The general principle of engine braking is to use the engine's compression stroke to generate compression resistance, internal friction and intake and exhaust resistance to form a braking effect on the drive wheels and thus slow down.


Warmly celebrate the company passed the TS16949 quality certification system Limited

Excellent quality and efficient management is our core competitiveness, expand market sales, and through the TS16949 quality system certification, the company is on stage before the recognition of the work, but also the future goals and encouragement. In the company's accurate cooperation and careful preparation, our company in September 2005 ushered in the AQA international certification company for our company to implement the TS16949 quality system audit. And in January 2006 passed the examination and got the certificate.


Internal combustion engine development to focus on safety and rationality

On April 13, the 8th International Symposium on Internal Combustion Engine Reliability Technology was held in Beijing. Huang Guoliang, Director of the Bureau of Quality Development of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, said that in the future, no matter how new energy develops, internal combustion engines are indispensable for production and life. In the process of internal combustion engine reliability research, it is important to focus on both speed and passion, and safety and rationality.