People oriented, scientific management, customer first, harmonious development

Business philosophy



Excellent team is our most important asset. All long, we sincerely hope that more capable people to join us. We will provide our employees with good pay and benefits, a comfortable working environment and development opportunities, and help them realize their ambitions and find pleasure at work. Become a member of us and you can create your own career in an industry with good development prospects.


2.Customer satisfaction

Loyal customer bases are a key factor to a successful company. We implement a comprehensive quality assurance system, produce quality products, and meet customer demands. We give priority to customer complaints. It is because of these customers that we have had a successful business today. Their hopes and demands are our business’ guide to action. We strive to provide them with the highest quality and the best service and support. We welcome opinions and suggestions from the customers and we will dialogue with our customers actively. In this way, we can continuously improve our values.



We have a flexible internal organization without any hierarchy to ensure that work items can be completed quickly. We rely on each other and work together to achieve our goals. We treasure the open transparency and loyalty between us and even the third-party partners very much. In the company, we give necessary assistance to all employees, provide them with a fair and equitable work environment, cultivate our staff’s professional skills and help them to grow up.


4.Pursuit of excellence

As a player in the auto parts industry where technologies are improved fast, the company must constantly develop new products or technologies to gain a competitive edge. As a result, the company is fully committed to the research and development, relentless technology improvement, and efforts in fostering moral values and offering high-quality service, in the hope of offering decent return on investment to shareholders. The company is also fully aware that to have a fast growth rate and a favorable financial situation is not only part of our objectives, but also lays a sound foundation for the company's growth and serves as an approach to realizing our core values.


5.Sound financial structure

A sound financial structure is the base for the sustainable management of an enterprise. Only by strengthening the basic work of financial accounting, establishing a sound internal control system and enhancing the assets and financial supervision, can an enterprise flourish.


6.Shareholders’ Equity

We guarantee shareholders’ rights, respect shareholders’ proposals and regularly publish relevant information to shareholders. We create profits with professionalism and teamwork and give shareholders a reasonable return for their investment.