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President speech

My dear associators:

We were born for creating value, today we are fortunate to live in this fast changing great period which developing speed even amazed us constantly, the only measurement on the meaning of our existence is just there will be any difference whether we are here or not! lf there is no difference, or even there is an appearance without positive significance, if like that, don't we drag out an ignoble existence? Therefore, it must be treated as tremendous dishonor by all of us which absolutely could not be endured, because it is the insult to our group personality. Warmblood and passion in our lives is burning, which agglomerate strong power occurred after we have gathered powerfully, flush our peerless wisdom, the catchlights in our eyes just like holy lights which could be enough to penetrate any barrier and edge tools obstructed. and highand far......




We don't mince matters: we are facingunprecedented difficulties and ordeal. The outer living environment and the special phase we are in after suffering the transformation period, which give us one and one special difficult test problems, but we deeply know the difficulties in this situation, if wrongly processed, even we would be swallowed or buried. However, we treat it as the discipline of the God to the things and people which will become useful. Sages have the foresee and prompt in the early time, this is our necessary experience and special uncommon opportunity for us to optimize us, which could steel will, hammer-harden sense and wisdom, and cast firm and strong ability. Because only these needful elements cast, our pursued target could be achieved at last!


Associates,For the dream in your heart, we will treasure every day, every minute and every second, even waste little time which will be treated as disrespect and crime to lives. We will use every minute and second on our way going to the extremely clear and definite direction, the marching clarion voice will not be stopped forever, but high and high. We treated the development of the usersas our biggest pleasure, therefore, we listen the users' opinions with rapt attention, and pay prevailing and the most splendiferous attention, all of which are in order to complete every particular, and doing continuously but not slack off forever, in the meantime, our raw talent agglomerated is also be continuously used to explore and dig up every innovative acts which is of benefit to the users, which is treated as our holy and compelling responsibility.


Learning has the extremely significance for us, which likes god and fairy helping us out of lgnorance and nescience gradually, accumulate knowledge and skills gradually. She is rain, if no her, we grass will be scorched and disappeared; She is art, cultivate our soul and temperament, and also is herald of happiness, which make us enjoy and happiness of harvest time and again; She is the god with endless supernatural power, will help us overcome innumerable hazards and hardships, promote us to be on the stable and sustained highway, for which, we will grasp every opportunity to absorb knowledge in working, living, friends, books, on internet, and in every moment, and treated learning as indispensable essential just like air, because we were born for creating value!



Of course, we also deeply know that we are in this special period, even in distant further, we will have various deficiency, even torture and blow to us, however, it is just the imperfect and our unwavering pursuance to be perfect make us continuously enjoy the unapproached happiness from the improvement and achievement of one by one phasic target in the process. Even though we deeply know that perfect is of no bounds, which just make our fighting spirit will not be disappeared forever, even have no time to enjoy the happiness from one phasic small success. we have turn to be on the new journey quickly.


We will make activities become our epitome with no word but full with inimitable power also, because we deeply know that no action, no result, and everything will be unreal and meaningless. Action, clear direction, ruly art of composition, speed as quick as anything that vanishes in aflash, which assembled into the rhythm of our actions. Closely aim at every result, we will use numbers to expound it forcefully. Promise carefully, suit the action to the word, be serious, be quick, which is our character, because we will be the creator of value.

If a day we didn't create value, a moment we didn't do good for the people around us, our organization, our society, we were uterly useless people at this moment, alive is not diferent with disappeared. Therefore. we wil remember all the ime. use our whole efforts create value in anytime we are alive, our great dream will be true at last.

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